• The Jo Kelly School Black History Program


    On February 21st at 10:00 the students and the staff of Jo Kelly hosted and participated in Our Annual Black History program.  Each department presented part of the program. We had individuals sing, play a trivia game and present power points. Students used their skills from the classroom to participate by way of switches. It really was a most enjoyable program.  



black history
  • The High School Department hosted the Trivia Game and guess who won!



    They also presented an educational power point about African American musicians.



    ...and then we danced 



  • lev3




    Our Middle School students practiced with a dress rehearsal the day before their presentation of The Soul Train and they did a marvelous job! 

      soul train

    Check this out ⇓

     soul train anim


    The Elementary Department highlighted the African American students in our school with a power point. The future is now! 



    The Closing Song was sung by our very own Ty and Kathedral

    ty and kathedral



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