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    High School Physical Education

    High School has our P.E. time on Thursdays. We work on a variety of gross motor skills and also work in communication objectives. AND we have lots of fun!

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    High School Art


    Art is a great way for our students to work on communication. They can feel, touch, make choices, and see their masterpieces when they're done.


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    High School Cooking 

    Cooking teaches new skills and also enables our students to use the skills they learn in the classroom. They make choices and use communication skills. They get to experience new smells and textures. Cooking takes place in the student kitchen and sometimes in the classroom. We love to cook! 

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    High School Music 

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     Music is one of High School's favorite activities! We have group music every Friday in the gym.  We'll find specific songs that we know a student likes and use that song for different communication objectives. Middle School thinks THEY have the best moves in the school, but you should see us!

    HS Square Dance

     High School students learning how to square dance!

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