• The IM Terrell Department of Theatre’s Mission Statement is to introduce students to all aspects of theatre through a broad-based curriculum. Through this curriculum, students will have a foundation of theatrical history, performance styles, and all areas of technical production. Through the four year program, students talents are discovered and nurtured through a multitude of performance and production opportunities. The I.M. Terrell Theatre Department encourages, molds, and fosters the theatre artist of tomorrow through rigorous instruction, performance opportunities, and a broad-based curriculum to prepare students for success in college and career fields.

     The IM Terrell Department of Theatre’s philosophy is that each theatre major will have a foundation of performance techniques both classical and modern, perform and/or utilize theatrical design skills in Productions, have a complete understanding of the professional theatre process, explore creative thinking and problem solving, take chances by participating in a safe environment where risk are encouraged, and move beyond potential by challenging each student to their full potential.

  • Bentleigh Nesbit- Theatre Director

    B.F.A (Theatre Performance) University of Texas at Arlington


    Cameron Collis- Technical Theatre Director

    Contact: cameron.collis@fwisd.org