• The Weekly Wildcat, Week 1

    Posted by Timothy Peters on 12/29/2018 11:00:00 AM

    The Dunbar Wildcats Boys Soccer Team began their season of play on Friday against their inter-neighborhood rivals and friends at the Young Men's Leadership Acadamy, ably coached by Head Coach Reuban Vaughn. The scrimmage was hosted at Dunbar High School and the Wildcats were coached by Coach Peters and Coach Brewer. An air of anticipation hung in the air for this opening installment of the 2018-2019 soccer season. YMLA came into the game with a noticeable size advantage, fielding twice the size of the Dunbar team and bench on that brisk friday afternoon. However, this young team remained undaunted, as were its fans.

    Being without our core senior leadership due to the holidays, our remaining two senior captains, Ramiro Fernandez Gonzalez and Abbas Omar took charge of an otherwise young team. I'd like to observe that the underclassmen on this team have really stepped up to fill the void in senior leadership this year as the need has arisen, and they did so again this day. With Amie in the position of central midfielder, flanked by Abbas Omar on the left and Alan Felix on the right, the Wildcats created an offensive challenge as they advanced against the YMLA defense, probing for advantage. 

    Dunbar began play with a 3PM kickoff, quickly driving down the field with crisp passing, begun by Akash Biswa to Amie Adbinho, forward to Julian Trujillo, back again to Omar and culminating in a score by center forward Akash Biswa on a run, with Omar earning the assist! All of this brilliant display of offensive prowess was achieved within the first 30 seconds of play! The Wildcat defense, led by Lt defensive back, senior Ramiro Fernandez Gonzalez and supported by Rt def back Christopher Romero,  Lt Def wing David Castaneda and Rt Def back Jose Hernandez stifled YMLA's fierce counterattack. Winning possession of the ball, Dunbar drove down the field with Akash driving a shot on goal which was fiercely contested by the YMLA goal keeper. The ball ricocheted off the goalie's gloves and Akash adroitly guided the ball past the defender's outstretched arms and into the goal for his second score of the day! Dunbar up, 2-0!

    Coach Vauhn rallied his boys, as YMLA fiercely pressed forward their next possession. With excellent passing creating a defensive mismatch, YMLA scored on a nicely executed run, tightening the score to 2-1. Not to be outdone and fighting against the clock, Dunbar drove down the field utilizing their midfield triangle, led by Amie to Omar for the score! Dunbar went into the half up by two at 3-1.

    With only one athlete to sub in, Cameron Garcia started the second half in place of Christopher Romero. Knowing our players would be starting against fressh legs from YMLA and up by two we made some adjustments in the midfield to accomodate the upcoming YMLA assault. Our goal keeper, Eric Espinoza, had not so much as practiced at that position but was thrust into the role by the absence of the praticed GK'ers. Eric had made several key defenses in the first half but YMLA was again able to get behind our defense on a well timed run, moving within a point to bring the score to 3-2. 

    A lesser team may have panicked at this point. Playing without a number of their skilled senior leaders and facing a large, talented, well coached and determined competitor in YMLA, the Dunbar team faced a defining moment. Would this young team fold under the pressure, or would they rise to the occasion? As Coach Brewer shouted instruction and encouragement to the goalkeeper, the Dunbar front six went to work. Akash began play, passing to Omar who beat his defender to advance the ball downfield. As the YMLA defense began to collapse down upon him, Omar spied a passing lane to connect with Amie who, taking the ball in stride, scored a brilliantly driven ball, giving cushion to Dunbar's lead to 4-2 in the waning last ten minutes of the game.

    YMLA responded doggedly by scoring late, despite a spirited Dunbar defense. Wishing to preserve the 4-3 advantage, the Wildcats made some on field adjustments in formation as well as in personnel assignments which saw Cameron move forward to a striker position as Julian Trujillo pushed back to midfielder. Thus bolstered defensively, yet able to stretch the field on offense, your Dunbar Wildcats were successfull in holding off a furious YMLA assault with Eric maintaining a calm presense in the goal, as time expired. Dunbar wins!

    I am extremely proud of our young men as well as our fan base who cheered us on. Please be sure to check out the Players of the Game section for more celebrations!

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  • The Weekly Wildcat, Premier

    Posted by Timothy Peters on 12/29/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Welcome to the premier of a new feature to Dunbar Wildcats Soccer, "The Weekly Wildcat"! I am your editor-in-chief, Coach Timothy Peters. The Weekly Wildcat will, within the constraints of a busy season, endeavor to provide you, the fan, a breakdown of the games, the highlights, the strategies and the stars. You will receive a unique view of the world's most popular game, from a coach's perspective. Our young athletes work incredibly hard in the classroom, and on the field, to produce a level of play consistent with the Dunbar tradition of excellence. It is my hope that the "Wildcat Weekly" does honor to that sacrifice, and brings a sense of that excitement and commitment to excellence to you, the fan. With that said, please enjoy the first installment of, "The Weekly Wildat".

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