The Cowan Academy in the Humanities

  • What are the Humanities at I.M. Terrell
    Integrating the disciplines of literature, history, art, philosophy, and language to better understand the human condition.
    What or who is the Cowan Academy
    The Cowan Academy in the Humanities is a trademarked educational model provided by the Dallas Institute’s Cowan Center for Education. It is designed to give students a high-quality liberal education like that which is provided students attending top-tier private schools. To become a Cowan Academy, each Humanities teachers and the administrators must complete a rigorous three-year certification program provided by the Cowan Center for Education, beginning with the intensive three-week Sue Rose Summer Institute. In addition, the I.M. Terrell Cowan Academy in the Humanities is using the Cowan curriculum, a  is to provide every apprentice "with the opportunity to develop the ability to read, write, think, and speak across the disciplines at an advanced level, based on a foundation of knowledge and skills from a humanities curriculum designed to equip students for not only success in college and career training, but also with the foundations of wisdom for life."
    *For more information regarding the Cowan curriculum, please visit the Cowan Center For Education @