• A selection of Pre-K photos are available in Sharepoint with a FWISD Microsoft login.

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  • 8.5 x 11 flyers, great for posting on a community billboard or sitting on a table in an acrylic flyer stand
    4 designs in the PDF: 3 in English, 1 in Spanish

    Download PDF


  • Pre-K Colors

Social Media: Vertical Stories

  • With URL, or with a blank spot for URL. See instructions below!

    9:16 aspect ratio



    Download PNG with URL | Download PNG without URL



    Download PNG with URL | Download PNG without URL


    Instagram Story Instructions

    Instagram instructions


    Here is how to insert a link into your instagram post to lead viewers to our website:

    1. Create an Instagram story and select the image with a blank URL paint mark.

    2. Swipe up and find the 🔗 LINK option.

    3. Type into the first line - and then the second line should be the shorter version, For Spanish, type and then Select Done.

    4. Tap on the link you just made. Every time you tap, the style of the text changes. Choose the slightly transparent option with white text. Drag the link onto the orange paint mark, as shown above.

    5. Post your story!


    Blank Stories: Fill in your own content

    Download English PNG | Download Spanish PNG

Social Media: Square

  • English

    Pre-K Square En1 Pre-K Square En 2 Pre-K Square En 3 Pre-K Square En 4



    Pre-K Square Sp 1 Pre-K Square Sp 2

Social Media: Horizontal

  • Simple horizontal graphic for Twitter/X, Facebook, NextDoor, etc.

    Pre-K Horizontal