2018-2019 Yearbook Officers


    Adviser(s): Professor Stone, Professor Duarte, Professor Zamora, Professor Hsueh

    Editor-in-Chief (President): Jullissia Collins

    Assistant Editor (Vice President): Dafne Moreno

    Office Manager (Secretary): Denyse Miller and James Montgomery (back-up)

    Business Manager (Treasurer): Kailee Mier

    Event Coordinating Manager: James Montgomery

    Advertising Manager: Maria Ramirez, Hannah Hogan, Nayle Vazquez

    Social Media Manager: Manuel Montes

    Layout Editor: Camille Hackett, Abigail Ulum

    Index Editor: Manuel Montes, Sydney Timmons, Maria Ramirez

    Photographer: Denyse Miller and Kailee Mier

    Photography Editor: Denyse Miller, Kailee Mier, Jullissia Collins

    Cover Designer: Daemion McKellar

    Copywriter: Dafne Moreno and Sydney Timmons