The Ballet Concerto


    On Friday February 22nd, The Ballet Concerto came to Jo Kelly School! Ballet Concerto is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of making the art of ballet and other forms of dance available to audiences of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.   


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    A very Special Thank You to:


    Margo Dean
    Artistic Director/ Founder of Ballet Concerto


     Webster Dean
    Associate Artistic Director/Administrator


    Their demonstration and performance was an educational and enjoyable  time for all of us!

    To Read Their Bio's Click here

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  • Special Note:

    The Associate Artisitc Director Mr. Webster Dean spoke during the introductions about the fact that he loved coming to Jo Kelly School because he attended the original Crestwood School built on this very spot. There was a rebuild after a fire.

    He described that the room we were in (the gym) is part of the original building and behind him (where the therapy office is now) was the stage!

    You can see what the school looked like and a bit of history on The Jo Kelly School website. 

    School History 

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