• In the FLEX initiative, teachers have the OPTION of if, when, and how to earn 30 hours engaged in flexible professional learning. The Flex Day on the FWISD calendar is a day teachers can have as an "off" day or used as a day to engage in professional learning. It is not a mandatory day of learning for teachers regardless of whether they have completed their 30 hours or not. Teachers must earn their 30 hours by April 15 or their compensation will be docked in increments of 1/2 days (3 hours), depending on the number of hours earned. See the FLEX guidance document below for more information.

    As of January 12, 2021, PLI is conducting a review of Eduphoria! portfolio hours to calculate content and elective hours collectively to ensure the 30-hour requirement is met. Please note 30 hours equals 5 days. One day is equivalent to six hours. Teachers are compensated in increments of 1/2 days and full days. Please see FAQ #17 for more information.

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