• JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp) has been a high school program since 1916, that offers outstanding elective/P.E course for men and women. Our mission is to "Motivate young people to be better citizens". Students build confidence, learn leadership skills and team work, while being encourage to be honest, know their personal worth and improve in physical fitness. 
    Enrolling in JROTC doesn't mean you're enrolling in the army, but instructors do discuss what the military has to offer, as well as other opportunities students have that are not usually discuss in normal courses.
    JROTC also has extracurricular activities that are not offered outside the program, such as (Un)Armed Drill team and JLAB, Rifle team, Color Guard, PT team and our new Robotics team.
    If you are interested in the JROTC program please click the link below.
    This past summer(2019) SWHS JROTC cadets participated in the following events:
    • Junior Cadets Leadership Challenge (JCLC)
    • Stem camp at UTA, where cadets got to experience local, country, and state government while learning how to perform their responsibilities of a free citizen.
    In addition the JROTC department renovated the old weight room to create a JROTC Robotics room. The JROTC Robotics team will help bridge together middle school and our own SWHS Robotics team.