What We Do

  • The Family Communications Department strives to empower families and community partners with information and resources to assist children by:

    • Working with partners in local schools to support and provide effective and practical strategies and resources 
    • Developing and delivering communications to parents and families on the factors that influence student success
    • Creating collaborative partnerships with external organizations and agencies  that  support  parent and family engagement initiatives 
    • Providing technical assistance, materials, and professional development opportunities to internal and external stakeholders on parental engagement compliance and community engagement strategies
    • Collaborating and coordinating plans with other department programs to ensure family engagement is the focus of various initiatives across the District

    Our department structure, which includes the Family Communications Liaison position, is a crucial component in cultivating a knowledge-based culture.

    To be successful, we must:

    • Create a technology-driven culture with families
    • Promote District and community initiatives
    • Work with our pyramid groups to build and support the community
    • Build collaborative relationships on campus with parent organizations (PTA, PTO, Booster), local business, community or faith-based partners, and volunteers
    • Train and continuously develop the campus-based Family Communication Liaisons, formerly Parent Liaisons
    • Share responsibility for Title I mandates: parent policy, parent notifications, parent compacts
    • Support Campus Educational Improvement Plan (CEIP) and District Strategic Plan goals