Campus Based Support

  • Role of campus-based family communications positions

    The Family Communications Liaison (FCL) and Specialist positions were created to support family engagement at the campus level as well as to align with the direction of the Family Communications Department. These positions report both to the principal and the director of Family Communications. While the liaison and specialist will report to the principal on a daily basis, other expectations will be set by the Family Communications Department.

    Allowable Positions:

    • Family Communications Outreach Specialist (full-time, paid with campus Title I funds)
    • Family Communications Specialist (full-time, paid with campus Title I funds)
    • Family Liaison (part-time, paid through district Title I funds)



    • Build collaborative relationships on campus with parent organizations, community partners, and volunteers
    • Share responsibility for Title I mandates: parent policy, parent notifications, and parent compacts. Every Title I campus must maintain mandated documents:
      • School-Parent Involvement Policy
      • School-Parent Compact
    • Support and promote District programs and initiatives
    • Create a technology-driven culture with families
    • Foster a welcoming environment on campus
    • Compile and submit accurate data and reports focusing on family engagement efforts

Non-Compliant Title I Activities

  • Title I requires for the position to focus solely on parent engagement. To help ensure this mandate is met and the liaison is used to their fullest potential, listed below are examples of non-compliant activities:

      • Maintain attendance records
      • Serve as school security
      • Monitor lunch duty
      • Monitor student line-ups and recess
      • Substitute for teachers
      • Escort students to bathrooms