Parent Organizations

  • In the Fort Worth ISD, a parent organization is a formal organization comprised of parents, teachers, school staff, and sometimes students. Each organization’s specific goals may vary, but generally, the goals include volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community engagement, and welfare of students and families. Parent organizations are just one way to implement the Epstein Model of Engagement.

    The District and campuses support parent engagement and recognize its importance in students’ academic success. To form a parent organization at a school, parents must understand what it takes to establish and maintain a non- profit organization. Each parent group will be established as an independent entity. The school will support parent organizations by allowing them to hold meetings, recruit members, and use the building. 

Expand each section below to learn more about managing and maintaining a parent organization.

  • Starting a New Organization

  • Types of Parent Organizations

  • PTA

  • PTO

  • Booster Clubs

  • Making a Decision

  • Officers, Bylaws and Establishing Legality

  • Parent Organizations Policies