• Not all schools in our area offer a rock solid Gifted and Talented program in their campus like we do.

    Some schools do not have enough space, funding for the program or their support staff lacks the appropiate certification or experiene to run a GT program effeciently and effctively. 

    At Wavely Park, we have one of the largerst population of Elementary GT and talented students in FWISD. 

    Our teacher,  Mrs. Luna-Olivares have been working with our students for years and they love enrichment time wit her. 

    A few details about program....

    Gifted and Talented Services in FWISD is not  an accelerated program.  It is an enrichment/ thinking skills program. Students participate in lessons and activities that are designed to nurture and build the potential they have demonstrated.


    How was my child selected?


    • GT Identification via the GT NOMINATION PROCESS
    • TOP 10% of current grade level based on state and district assessments and/or classroom performance


    G/T Pullout


    Students are pulled for 60 minutes per week (Wednesday/Thursday) for in-depth lessons with the GT Talent Pool Teacher.

    These lessons focus on critical thinking skills, creativity and problem solving, using curriculum topics outside of the regular grade-level curriculum.


    Themes of the GT Service Model


    • Leadership
    • Creative Thinking
    • Service Learning
    • Critical Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Research


    Timelime: What to expect and when


    October 17- ALL nomination forms due

    November 6- Permission Forms/ ‘Things My Child Likes to Do’ form due

    January 31- Testing Takes Place

    December 13- GT Portfolios and SRBCSS due

    February 19- GT Admissions Committee Meets

    February 26- Forms will be sent home to notify parents of decision


    Waverly Park GT Showcase


    • Spring Showcase
    • Provides opportunity for GT/ Talent Pool students to exhibit projects and products from GT pullout class during semester.
    • Interactive learning/ engineering opportunity for students, parents and family members.
    • Creating a community of curious, rigorous learning that will impact the way students, parents and family members interact at school, home and beyond.



     Jamie Morrison Waverly Park GT Coordinator and Assistant Principal 


    Candace Luna Olivares GT Enrichment Specialist