• Minutes have not been officially typed yet, but here is some of what was discussed:


    • Amparo Dinsmore - President 
    • Terra Lee-Ross - Membership & Event Chairperson
    • Quanda Collins - Principal
    • Brittney Clarke - Sponsor
    • Zane Duarte - Faculty Representative on behalf of Hsueh who wasn't able to attend. 
    • Homecoming on 10/4. Professor C. Smith is sponsor. 
    • Fundraising is currently on hold. (Since then, fundraising is back on.)
    Ideas to look into:
    • Movie Night, with entrance 'fee' being to donate a book to Book Club. 
    • Club Sponsors/Officers speak at PTSO meetings. Host one club per meeting to be a part of the agenda. 
    • RaiseMe App - For Community Service Hours & will potentially give students scholarships. 
    • Survey for people to let us know locations they are interested in having meetings as well as what day works best for them. 
    • Amy Draper would like to be on agenda for September 20, 2019 to discuss PSAT. 
    • Mayra Vincent & Gabriela Gonzalez would like to be on agenda for October 17, 2019 meeting. 
    • We hope to have Book Club at either September 20 meeting or October 17 meeting to talk. 
    • We hope to have Interact Club at November meeting. 
    Action Items:
    • Send Bylaws in word form to Amparo (attached.)
    • Update Bylaws that have been approved. 
    • Look into 'charging' a small amount for membership to PTSO eventually.
    • Open Bank Account
    • Change Date of November meeting. 
    • Ask Mrs. West if donating books would be an issue (legally). 
    • Create survey to send out. 
    Next Meetings:
    • PTSO Meeting: September 20, 2019
    • Board Meeting: October 14, 2019
    • PTSO Meeting: October 17, 2019
    Meeting Date Changes:
    • November date needs to change since it is before thanksgiving holiday. ( And ensure we do not schedule March or May near Spring Break/End of school.)
    Adjourned about 4:30pm.