HOPE Squads

  • We are so proud that Monnig Middle School is partnering with the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation to have Hope Squads on our campus this year.  This is an addition to our regular suicide prevention program.  Our students do an excellent job of letting the counselors know when a friend is having a hard time.  This program is about identifying those students trusted by their peers to support them in how to question, persuade, and refer their friends to the counselors as well as self care when they are worried about their friends.  


  • 2020-2021 Updates

    Hello Hope Squad Members!  We will be working on continuing Hope Squads this year virtually.  We hope you will all remember your training on how to support a friend and get help! All Hope Squad Members need to join the Hope Squad Google Classroom.  This is where we will be communicating the bulk of our information. You should have gotten an email from Mrs. Riggsby with the link to join the google classroom. 



     You are also welcome to email the sponsors as well. Or you can fill out the Home Referral counseling form on the counseling website for Monnig.