2018 - 2019 JROTC Program

  • April 2019


    The following cadets have been selected to attend US Military History Trip departing Sunday, 28 April and returning Saturday, 4 May 2019:


    Beltran Palogrande, Janett  Cadet MAJ, SR, LET 4

    Rodriguez, Jisel    Cadet CPT, SR, LET 4

    Narvaez, Malena Virginia  Cadet MSG, SR, LET 3

    Lopez, Isabel   Cadet SSG, JR, LET 2

    Aguilar Ruiz, Daisy   Cadet SSG, JR, LET 2

    Dominguez Zapata, Alexa  Cadet SSG, JR, LET 3


    They will visit and learn about the following locations:

    • Harper’s Ferry in VA and learn about John Brown’s Raid
    • Battle of Antietam
    • Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington
    • Visit/tour US Capitol and meet two of our US Representatives
    • Space Museum, memorials and other museums in the DC Capitol Mall area
  • Just wanted to share some of the photos and events six of our cadets have enjoyed during this trip. We have 17 students on this trip, six from North Side, six from South Hills, and five from YMLA.


    Day 1 

    Battle of Antietam in Maryland.  The second picture has cadets in the infamous Sunken Road where heavy casualties took place.

    In the afternoon we took cadets to John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry now West Virginia. 


    1   2   3   4

  • Day 2

    Cadets visited Mount Vernon the home of George Washington in the morning.  Mount Vernon has many scenic views of the Potomac River.  In the afternoon cadets were taken to Arlington National Cemetery to watch a wreath laying ceremony and the changing of the guards.

    5   6   7   8   9

  • Day 3

    We started with a trip to visit the US Capitol and meet with two of our congress representatives, Kay Granger, Representative from District 12, and Marc Veasey, Representative from District 33. They took the time off to visit with our cadets for about 20 minutes each.  They shared their personal stories, issues they are working on and gave our students great advice.  


    10   11     13   14   15 12


  • February 2018

    Many teachers are unaware I teach a US Military History Course and we have amazing opportunities to take cadets on staff rides to learn about US History.  This February I was able to take 6 cadets on a 4 day trip to Fort Concho and Fort Davis; two of the best preserved forts in Texas.  The cadets conducted research, gave presentations, submitted essays, and worked with UT Arlington graduate students on topics ranging from the History of Buffalo Soldiers, history of the forts in Texas, Texas History, and a visit to the McDonald Observatory.


    Below is the link of the video for this trip. 

    Staff Ride

  • November 2018

    The American Grit Challenge is a competition consisting of 2 minutes of push-ups, sit-ups, bench press, relay races, ammo can relays, obstacle course, HMMWV vehicle push and tug of war.

    Out of the 14 teams competing, North Side took 2nd place.  Go JROTC Steers!!

  • October 2018

    The West Point Military Academy will host a briefing in the North Side Auditorium for cadets from FWISD.  Most schools will be bringing cadets/students.  We have a recruiter from the academy giving the presentation on the requirements and life at West Point.





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