STEMscopes for ReTEKS

    • STEMscopes --click to be redirected to the FWISD STEMscopes login page


    If you are unable to reach the STEMscopes site through the My FWISD Apps page, please put in a Technology footprints request.


    Username: e + employee ID (ex. E456789). It does not matter if you use a capital E or a small e.

    Password: 123456

    If you had STEMscopes last year and changed your password, it should still be the same.

    Instructional Technology added the new teachers in September. If you do not have access, or you transferred to another campus and STEMscopes still has you associated with your previous campus, please send your employee number and campus to



    Students who were in the District last year and have not changed campuses are in the system. Focus will update the transfer students the first week of September. For students entering your campus after Sept 01: please send their name, student ID #, campus name and grade level to The Science Dept has only purchased the high school level of STEMscopes for the ReTEKS students. If your campus wishes to purchase the entire program, please contact Jamie Long at for a quote.

    Username: S+student ID (ex. s987654). It does not matter if you use a small s or a capital S.

    Password: 123456