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School Information

  • Teachers, do you need a break after all the turkey and endless football debates? Your school can join us at this year's Blue Zones Project Virtual Family Summit. Students and their families can visit our page and watch videos on topics such as balloon volleyball, yoga, sleep deprivation and cooking!!!

Dinner Theatre

  • Hello everyone,

    NSHS Theatre Works and Culinary Arts are coming together for a wonderful collaboration. We are doing DINNER THEATRE here at North Side. It is a wonderful opportunity to come see our talented students in action, enjoy some great food, and an even better show!

    Check out the flyer below, and make your reservations ASAP! Tickets will be on a pre-sale first come first serve basis, and available until December 7th unless we sell out. This is always a big hit, and such a wonderful experience. There are two showings, December 13 & 14.

    Here is the link to make your reservation:


Steers PRIDE

  • Yesterday, the robotics team traveled and competed in the Bell Vertical Drone Competition. Students had to build and program multiple elements for this competition as well as a 10-minute presentation. They did extremely well and ended up winning the top Presentation Award AND won the entire Tournament against 16 other teams. Winning 1st qualified them to compete in the Championship Event on December 3rd. This group of students worked so hard and deserves a big Congratulations



    CONGRATS to the following steers for earning a spot in the District Band
    -Mason Gonzalez, 1st chair district Bass Clarinet
    -Jesus Torres, 8th chair district Tenor Trombone
    -Joshua Hernandez, Alternate, 13th in district Bb Clarinet
    Bryan Lopez was 2 away from earning a spot and Lizzie Martinez was 1 away from earning a spot!

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