North Side High School

  • Seniors Check In

    SENIORS, please return all library books and computer devices to the library, 3rd Floor Building A, before graduation.  Seniors may bring all the devices on May 27th. (slight break 2nd period for testing) Plan time to look for missing devices or to clear fines prior to graduation rehearsals.  

  • Senior Sunset this Friday!

    Please help spread the word about our Senior Sunset - Friday night.
    We will have 3 Food Trucks at Senior Sunset on Friday.  Meals for seniors have been paid for by generous members of the North Side community.  We have 100 tickets for each food truck.  Free meals are only for seniors.  Family members who attend Senior Sunset will be able to purchase meals from the food trucks as well.  Bring a blanket and join us on the hill to watch the sunset.
    Seniors can reserve their food ticket by completing the Google form linked below.  First come, first served!!  They will receive their meal ticket when they check in.
    Schedule for Friday:
    5:30 PM - Check-In Begins
    6:00 PM - Senior Awards Ceremony in the Auditorium
    7:00 PM - Food trucks begin service, Picnic on the Hill
  • Seniors Graduating!!

    1. Rehearsal at 6:00 PM at Dickies Arena.
    2. Dress Code:  Dress for success!   (Psst!  Ladies wearing heels... I do not recommend you wear anything more than a 2–3-inch heel.. We have a LONG walk to your seat.)  
    3. Gowns are to be zipped up at all times.  Wear ALL your cords, medals, stoles.  This is your time to SHINE!!
    4. Caps:  Decorated caps need to be approved by Mr. Martinez or Ms. Menchaca
    5. If you still need a cap and gown, go to to get an address to pick it up.
    6. Parking is FREE!!
    7. NO TICKETS!! NO LIMIT!! Invite your family and friends to celebrate YOU!!! 
    8. Tell your family and friends NO balloons, flowers, horns, or confetti will be allowed in the Arena!!  The Arena will have a vendor selling flowers.
    9. We will commence at 8:00 PM
    You are to enter from the BLUE STAR on Harley Avenue.  Teachers helping need to enter from the BLUE STAR.  (see map)  
  • Summer Technology Help

    Using your computer over the summer requires the same care you use in school.  However, if something goes wrong, then know that the Technology Team will be working (part time) at the school to help you.  Call 817-814-4000 to check availability or email Strange.  

  • Summer Books

    District guidelines call for all library books being returned to campus on May 20th.  Yet, that only applies to hard copies, not our thousands of digital copies.  Check out the Getting Books page of the library website for a full list of places to get digital books.  Sign-in information is either your email log in or the district login under Classlink: Library Media Online Databases.  In Library Media Online, just find your choice on the menu and the log in is provided.  Need suggestions for the whole family

    State Reading Lists

    • Tayshas - A high school reading list for the State of Texas; based upon teen reader voting (ex. Children of Blood and Bone, Pudge & Predjudice)

    • Lone Star - A reading list for grades 6, 7 and 8 to encourage recreational reading (ex. Holes, Lupe Wong Won't Dance)

    • Maverick - Recommended graphic novels for grades 6 - 12 (ex. Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed, Mighty Jack)

    • Topaz - Nonfiction gems for all ages (ex. Year of the Rabbit, The Book of Rosy: A Mother's Story of Separation at the Border )

    • Lariat - Outstanding fiction published during the year that merits special attention from adult readers (ex. The Five Wounds, Olympus Texas )

    • 2x2 - Recommended books for children aged two to grade two to encourage voluntary reading (ex. Chez Bob, Alma and How She Got Her Name)

    • Bluebonnet - Texas students (3-6) announce the Texas Bluebonnet Award nominees each year at the Texas Book Festival (ex. The One Thing You'd Save, Once Upon a Camel)


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