Special Popiulations

Specialized Academic Support Services

  • The Specialized Academic Support Services (SASS) Department provides a continuum of services designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse students. The Department aligns the support by supplementing the instruction provided through the general education curriculum to warrant student success. Students may receive additional assistance focused on improving their skills to learn, both academically and through social emotional learning strategies. Based on the student’s specific needs, services range from Multi-Tiered Support/Special Programs, Dyslexia, Psychological and Special Education Services.

    For more information, please see our SASS Return to Learning Guidance document click here.

  • Dyslexia Services
  • Educational Technology
  • Gifted and Talented Services
  • Library Media Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Special Education Services
  • Special Programs


  • Specialized Academic Support Services (817) 814-2800

    Corey Golomb, M.Ed., Assistant Superintendent

    Cheryl Stanley
    Administrative Assistant

    Budget and Grants (817) 814-2920
    Shametra Collins, MBA, RTSBA, Budget Manager

    Dyslexia Services (817) 814-2490
    Vanessa Tritten, M.Ed., Director 

    ED Tech (817) 814-3100
    Shana Ellason, M.Ed., Director

    Gifted and Talented (817) 814-2580
    Michael Flusche, M.Ed., Director

    Library Media (817) 814-3120
    Director - Vacant

    Psych Services (817) 814-2820
    Nicole Stein, SSP, LSSP, NCSP, Director

    Special Programs (817) 814-2876
    Patricia Sutton, M.Ed., Director

    Special Education (817) 814-2830
    Janice Carter, Ed.D.
    Executive Director