The Walt Disney Company, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


  • Dolores Huerta Elementary School will be presenting selections from Walt Disney's Aladdin next spring.  The performances will be scheduled at a later date.

    The musical is about a young beggar/thief who finds a genie's lamp and is given three wishes.  Aladdin also meets a young princess named Jasmine and falls in love with her.  Aladdin eventually defeats the evil Jafar and is given permission to marry Princess Jasmine.  He uses his last wish to free the genie.   

    Participating in musical activities helps students to mature as musicians, increase confidence and self-esteem, advance language skills, develop better focus, and participate as a member of the ensemble.

    Third, fourth, and fifth-grade students were invited to audition early in the school year and have since been practicing twice a week.

    Sponsor: Ms. Noriega,