What Does a School Counselor Do?

  • About 50% of my time is spent in classrooms, teaching biweekly counseling lessons to help students develop self-regulation and stress management strategies, build confidence and increase motivation to achieve, and develop positive character traits and social skills. In addition to regular counseling lessons, teachers can request a restorative mini-lesson if there is a specific conflict, behavior, or incident that needs to be addressed with students.

    I am also the contact person for the RTI process and additional referrals for Special Education including Speech, Dyslexia Services, and Section 504 accommodations.

    Some additional services that I can provide for students and families include;

    • Holiday Assistance
    • Assistance with uniforms/school supplies
    • Family Resource Center referrals
    • College and Career Information
    • Small-Group and Individual Counseling
    • Assistance with behavior interventions and attendance