Career Readiness

  • High school students approaching graduation have two choices: enter the job market or go to college.  Ultimately you have to choose a career that not only pays the bills, but also brings a sense of self-worth and belonging with it.  Finding a job after high school can be stressful and confusing, especially since people, articles and websites often give conflicting advice. But, if you look at your job search in terms you understand, like smartphones, it may help ease this transition. Consider the following:

    • Before you start looking for a job, think about your personality and what kind of career suits you.
    • Your first job after graduating may just be what you can find so you can pay your bills. This is pretty normal. Think of it as your first smartphone. It probably is a basic phone that enables you to get on the Internet and text.
    • Think about your next steps.No matter what type of career (or smartphone) you choose, consider what it is doing to help you accomplish your goals.



  • College Preparatory

    Advanced Technical Credit - This program gives high school students a chance to receive credit at participating community colleges across Texas for taking certain enhanced technical courses during high school.

    Career Planning

    Workforce Solutions of Tarrant County Career Coach - This amazing online tool gives Tarrant County residents the ability to research local careers and training programs like never before.

    Reality Check – Go to this site to see how much it costs to live in Texas cities and to get an idea what salaries to expect from specific careers.

    Occupational Outlooks Handbook - This site gives projected information about hundreds of types of job, plus job search tips and job market information for each state. 

    Texas Workforce Commission - This job provides information about jobs in Texas.

    Department of Labor - Look here for information about jobs nationwide, as well as information about laws and regulations governing the workplace.

    General Information

    ACHIEVE TEXAS - View this website to find out information about the new career cluster initiative.

    Occupational Training and Health Administration - This is the official OSHA site where you can get information about regulations and certification.