Secondary Transfer FAQ

  • When is the Open Transfer Period for the District? 
    The transfer request window is March 1st – April 30th, with priority notification provided to those who apply by March 31st. The district has communicated the window on the District webpage.

    How does a parent initiate a transfer? Fort Worth ISD has created an online application process to apply for a transfer. Families will submit an online transfer application indicating their 1st and 2nd choice. Please note that the District has implemented a lottery system for the 2024-2025 Student Transfer process.

    Can a parent pick any campus to request a transfer?
    A parent may choose a campus that has space available and is not a "School of Choice".

    Are parents guaranteed the transfer on behalf of the student if they picked a school not “LIMITED”?  No, transfers are based on board policy (FDB Local), eligibility criteria and campus capacity by grade level.  Transfers will be selected utilizing the lottery system.

    1. A PEG student applying from a school within the District.
    2. A resident sibling of a resident student currently enrolled at the requested school.
    3. A child of a resident District employee.
    4. A resident of the District, but residing outside the attendance area of the requested school.
    5. A child of a nonresident District employee.
    6. A PEG student applying from a school outside the District.
    7. A nonresident student, subject to tuition.

    Provided that a school or grade level has not reached capacity, a transfer request shall be considered and granted based on the following characteristics of each applicant, in this order of priority:

    If a student did not get into a POC or SOC and wants to transfer, what is important to know?
    Fort Worth ISD promotes the student distribution model of neighborhood and choice lottery schools. As a process, each school in the district serves a specific neighborhood within that school’s attendance zone. The requested transfer campus must have available space and your request must meet eligibility requirements outlined in board policy, FDB Local. A transfer request is not automatically granted.

    Can a parent’s non-POC or non-SOC student participate in a choice program?
    No, a student accepted through a transfer will not be under consideration to participate in the POC offered at the campus. POC participation is through the Choice application and waiting list only.

    When will parents know if their child’s transfer request is granted?  
    The initial assignment will be completed by mid-May. However, the process will remain open, for rolling placements, until approved number of enrollment slots are filled or waiting list is complete. The final day to assign a student by transfer will be in August 2024. By August 2024 the transfer process for the 2024-2025 school year will close. No more assignments will be made.

    What happens if a student is not granted a transfer? Who does the parent need to speak to?
    Transfer request approvals are very limited due to capacity parameters at our campuses. Your student will remain at their home campus for the 2024-2025 school year.