• When is the Professional Development Plan Due?

    The Professional Development Plan is due in Eduphoria Strive Friday, May 29, 2020.


    Who starts the Professional Development Plan?

    Teachers will create the Professional Development Plan with their administrator in Eduphoria Strive.  

    Teacher's Steps:

    Step 1: Log into Eduphoria Strive 

    Step 2. Click My Evaluation Process 

    Step 3. Click Professional Development Plan - Due May 29, 2020

    Step 4. Click the + sign to begin.


    Teachers should work with their appraiser to discuss areas of growth that could benefit from professional learning. This can be done over the phone or via video conferencing.  At this time, no specific courses must be added--just broad topics. The Professional Development Plan can be modified and changed when the need arises, such as after attending professional development or changing an area of focus.

    This year's process is a conversation with each teacher to ensure that they understand the 30 FLEX credit allocation is 18 hours in their assigned content area and 12 hours in other areas of interest or areas they need to gain competency/proficiency in.  The professional development plan is a "living document;" in other words, the teacher has a general understanding from conversations with the principal regarding allocation and participation and then completes it throughout the summer.  The encouragement principals can provide is to for the teacher to participate and ensure that the 18 hours are in their content area. 


    Where are all the summer FLEX courses?

    All summer learning will be posted on the connectED Virtual Conference website with rolling dates for engagement. It will also be listed in Eduphoria. NO IN-DISTRICT SESSIONS (except QTEL) will be listed in Eduphoria other than the ConnectED virtual conference for the summer. Teachers will be able to select what they want to learn, participate, and their names will be submitted to us once they have completed the learning requirements.  The sessions will be listed on the connectED site beginning May 25 and will continue throughout the summer.


    When will the approved conference list be posted?

    We do not have an ETA on when an approved conference list for the year will be available due to travel restrictions; however, if travel restrictions are listed, the conference list will probably look very similar to this year’s. If your principal agrees that a conference should be part of your professional development plan (and travel is approved), then the conference hours (outside of contract time) would qualify for the Elective Portion of FLEX (up to 12 hours).

    However, we are working with all the different departments in the district to provide a robust virtual conference this summer for teachers, where we hope you can earn all 30 hours in the comfort of your home!


    I would like to create a common campus goal for learning, could we utilize the 12 hours for a book study and extra professional development?

    You can provide professional learning and book studies for your campus; however, we have provider guidelines to ensure they meet both adult learning needs and the standards for professional learning. However, remember that the 12 hours should be teacher-choice (albeit it driven by campus and teacher goals); teachers should have flexibility on if and when they participate in the learning (especially since they will be extra limited on the 18 hours).