• The Office of Innovation is home to the departments of Career and Technical Education, Choice and Enrichment Programming, Collegiate Programming & Advisement, School & External Partnerships, and Professional Learning & Innovation.  

    Guided by the philosophies of the FWISD Mission, The Office of Innovation serves the vision of Fort Worth ISD by creating new realities for student and family success. It does so by providing a place for collaborative thought and action and a different lens to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of equity and excellence in education.


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    • David SaenzChief of Innovation

      Olga Herrera Administrative Assistant

      Career and Technical Education
      Daphne Rickard
      , Executive Director

      Choice Programming, Operations & School Support
      Lisa Castillo
      Executive Director of Innovation

      Collegiate Programming and Academic Advisement
      Anita Perry
      , Executive Director

      Personalized Learning and Enrichment & School Support
      Benjamin LeosExecutive Director of Innovation

      Professional Learning and Innovation
      Lezley Lewis, Executive Director

      School and External Partnerships & School Support
      Arista Owens-McGowan, Executive Director of Innovation

      Choice Programming 
      Karen Ponder, Coordinator of Innovation