• Guided by the shared philosophies of the FWISD Mission, System of Great Schools, and Lone Star Governance, the Office of Innovation will rigorously define and evaluate programs to ensure long-term solutions for student success!


    Fort Worth ISD’s Innovation plan includes five components, which are modeled from the System of Great Schools: oversee the district’s school development strategy, offer strategic school support, transform state-identified, Improvement Required campuses, expanded school access, and offer new, high-quality educational options for students. 


    Theory of Action

    If we recruit, retain, and develop great leaders in a system of autonomy and accountability and take strategic school actions to increase access to quality options, we will improve student outcomes.


    Definition of a Great School in FWISD

    A high-quality school in FWISD successfully prepares all students to enter college or the workforce, or both, armed with the academic, social, and emotional skills required to survive and thrive in the modern world and to contribute to society through a life long learning journey.