Classroom Safety

  • Classroom protocols and procedures will include expectations about school supplies, social distancing, limiting group work, hand washing and sanitizing:

    • Reasonable social distancing, particularly in large indoor events, will be promoted, when possible.
    • Proper handwashing procedures will be taught in every classroom. Additional preventative information shared with students will include covering your cough or sneeze, avoid touching your face, maintain physical distance, and use of face masks.
    • Campus staff will ensure high-touch areas in the classroom are wiped in between
    • Whenever possible, students and staff will maintain consistent groupings of people to minimize the spread of the
    • Technology should be utilized when students are involved in collaborative

    Each classroom will be outfitted with the following:

    • Refillable alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations.
    • Access to disinfectant to sanitize working surfaces.
    • Elementary: Containers for students to store single-user items such as pencils, crayons, scissors, ear buds, etc.