Common Areas, Meetings, and School Events

  • To the extent possible, meetings and school events will be conducted in large spaces where reasonable social distancing can be promoted. 

    School community partners, PTA, Boosters, etc. will collaborate with and seek approval from campus/District administration prior to planning any in-person event.

    What procedures will be required when attending meetings or using common areas such as computer labs, conference rooms, and libraries?

    • Students and staff will hand sanitize when entering and exiting common areas.
    • Campuses will develop a schedule for the use of common areas, which is to include sanitization procedures between uses.
    • Staff will sign up to reserve time in common
    • When needed, personal supplies will be brought to the common
    • Reasonable social distancing will be promoted when possible.

    Physical Distancing

    The CDC continues to encourage social (physical) distancing as a key strategy in the containment of the COVID-19 virus. Fort Worth ISD campuses will promote reasonable social distancing when possible.

    How will Fort Worth ISD ensure physical distancing?

    • Each campus will establish various entry doors for specific grades, students, etc.
    • Each campus will identify assigned seating in classrooms and buses; we will promote reasonable social distancing when possible in auditoriums, cafeterias, and other