Common Areas, Meetings, and School Events

  • To the extent possible, meetings and school events will be conducted virtually or via phone to minimize close contact. When in-person meetings or common area usage is required, the procedures below will apply.

    School community partners, PTA, Boosters, etc. will collaborate with and seek approval from campus/District administration prior to planning any in-person event.

    What procedures will be required when attending meetings or use common areas such as computer labs, conference rooms, and libraries?

    • Students and staff will hand sanitize when entering and exiting common areas.
    • Campuses will develop a schedule for the use of common areas, which is to include sanitization procedures between uses.
    • Staff will sign-up to reserve time in common areas.
    • When needed, personal supplies will be brought to the common areas.
    • Social distancing will be observed in common areas.

    Physical Distancing

    The CDC has identified social (physical) distancing as a key strategy in the containment of the COVID-19 virus. Fort Worth ISD classrooms will strive to accommodate social distancing in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

    How will Fort Worth ISD ensure physical distancing?

    • Each campus will delineate appropriate markers for physical distancing throughout the campus, including common areas and individual classrooms
    • Establishment of various entry doors for specific grades, students, etc.
    • Each campus will identify assigned seating in classrooms, buses, auditoriums, and any other areas.