COVID-19 Discipline Protocol

  • Are there any student discipline implications related to COVID-19?

    Personal Protection Equipment: Students will wear face masks while on school buses, in a school facility, andthroughout the day.

    Student mask requirements will be addressed by campus personnel. Per the Fort Worth ISD Student Code of Conduct, the following, least restrictive, discipline management techniques may be used alone or in combination or as part of progressive intervention to promote student health and wellness:

    • Verbal redirection
    • Counseling by teacher, counselor, or administrative personnel
    • Student-parent-teacher conference

    Students MAY NOT be suspended for PPE non-compliance.

    Intentional Infection Spread: Any student intentionally coughing, sneezing, or spitting on another student or staff member with the intention of infecting the other student with COVID-19 while on the bus, campus, or at a school-related event is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct:

    Assault (Board Policy FO): Assault with bodily injury is defined by Texas Penal Code 22.1 (a)(1). A person commits an assault if the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another.

    The following steps will be taken should this occur:

    • Notify the campus administrator.
    • The administrator shall remove the students quickly to investigate the incident.
    • Students should be taken to the school nurse or appropriate medical personnel if at a school sponsored event for an evaluation.
    • The school nurse or appropriate medical personnel should notify the campus administrator about the findings of the evaluation. Based on the nurse’s evaluation, proceed with caution and follow protocol for potentially highly contagious individuals.
    • Notify parents/guardians of each student involved in the alleged incident.
    • The campus administrator may investigate the allegation to determine intentionality.
    • If the alleged behavior is determined to be intentional, the sequence of disciplinary interventions begin with the minimum disciplinary action and may progress to the more serious disciplinary consequences established in the Student Code of Conduct.
    • The appropriate offense/consequence is entered in the Student Information System.
    • Contact the Office of Student Discipline and Placement at 817.814.2961 if additional assistance is required.