Social Emotional Support for Virtual and In-Person Instruction

  • Fort Worth ISD is committed to supporting the social emotional needs of all students as they prepare for college, career and community leadership. Stakeholders will be trained to be aware and understand the impacts of trauma induced by COVID-19. Through this training and collaboration model, students’ social emotional needs will be addressed by:

    • Collaborating across child-serving systems to assess impacts of trauma and provide necessary
    • Providing students with the competencies to practice a healthy
    • Engaging in professional development so that staff will be able to facilitate an emotionally safe and physically safe learning
    • Actively monitoring the progress of students to identify necessary supports for student engagement in learning connected to the school and the broader community.
    • Collaborating with parents and staff to ensure student access to personalized learning during this crisis.
    • Providing access to tools and resources to support social skills and social emotional learning for both in-person and virtual learning
    • Providing access to Counseling and Intervention, Family and Community Resource Referrals, Telehealth Services, MTSS, and Restorative