• glossary

    ADVANCED COLLEGE AND CAREER PATHWAYS Students take advanced and technical courses within 16 career cluster pathway options that provide them with knowledge and skills to take industry certification/licensure exams prior to or immediately upon high school graduation. 

    ADVISORY BOARD Serve on an industry or career cluster-specific board with like-minded employers to guide educator/district decisions about establishing, operating, and evaluating programs that meet the needs of students and the workforce.

    ANNUAL HIRING FAIR Meet the graduating talent pool interested in working for your organization and are trained in a specific area of expertise. The annual hiring fair offers the opportunity to exhibit, offer advice, and hire students for seasonal and summer jobs and internships.

    APPRENTICESHIP/INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS Achieving an industry certification allows high school students to acquire and practice not only industry-related skills, but also some of the most critical college and career-readiness skills, such as critical thinking, focusing and the ability to prioritize. An industry certification is an asset that students can bring to potential employers and prospective colleges.

    APPRENTICESHIPS Meet the graduating talent pool interested in working for your organization and are trained in a specific area of expertise. Apprenticeships provide a unique combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, most often leading to nationally recognized industry credentials/certifications.

    CAREER EXPLORATION Share information with students about various occupations that might align with their interests and aptitudes, especially high demand, high wage jobs.

    CAREER INVESTIGATION Providing students an opportunity to learn about demand occupations that align with their interests and aptitudes allows them to select pathways and classes early on that could lead to rewarding careers. 

    CAREER PREPARATION/PAID WORK EXPERIENCE Many Fort Worth ISD teens work in part-time, flextime or summer jobs that provide great opportunities for learning important life skills and acquiring hands-on work experience and income.

    COLLEGIATE ACADEMIES Early College High Schools put students on college campuses where they can earn an associate degree tuition free.

    EDUCATOR FIELD TRIPS Host educators who learn firsthand about your business at your site and then translate that into relevant lesson plans and classroom instruction.

    GO CENTERS GO Centers aspire to help students see pathways to careers and college. They are physical spaces in schools and other locations, equipped with computers and overseen by school staff. Students visit the GO Centers to research career opportunities, college options and financial aid. Students are assisted by mentors from higher education institutions and from the community.  

    GOLD SEAL PROGRAMS AND SCHOOLS OF CHOICE Instead of asking students what career they want to pursue, the Gold Seal Programs and Schools of Choice at elementary, middle, and high schools ask “What kinds of problems do you want to help solve and what experience do you need in order to prepare yourself?” Gold Seal Programs/Schools of Choice match their answers with rigorous hands-on learning and opportunities for internships, certificates and college hours.  They include everything from advanced academics to engineering, aviation technology to culinary arts, health science to audio/video production, and more. Opportunities for employer partnerships often align with the special interests of these schools and their students.

    GUEST SPEAKERS Empower your employees to share their industry/career info in classrooms, GO Centers, via video Conference, and in professional development meetings, adding relevance to our curriculum.

    INDUSTRY SCHOOL VISITS Encourage your employees to bring technical and general business acumen and information to campuses, directly impacting students’ awareness of skills needed for job success.

    INTERNSHIPS/PRACTICUMS (PAID AND UNPAID)  Internships are short-term periods of temporary work experience, typically lasting a few weeks or months, in a work environment. Internships and practicums offer an opportunity while choosing a career to gain work-based experience in a particular role, organization or industry sector.

    JOB SHADOWING Job Shadowing provides the student the opportunity to experience the workplace, understand the various roles and duties of a particular occupation, learn about the business, connect with a working adult and observe work in progress.

    LEGACY” VITAL LINK (RISING 7TH GRADERS) Vital Link, now 26 years-strong, is a free summer program offered to currently enrolled Fort Worth ISD 6th grade students who will be entering the 7th grade in the fall. It is a weeklong, half-day unpaid internship program designed to demonstrate the connection between what is learned in the classroom and what is needed for success in the workplace. It is based on the principle that students can be motivated to achieve in school if they understand the “link” between academics and job skills.

    MENTORING Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. Mentoring programs require thoughtful planning and sustained commitment to guide participants through the mentoring process while continually improving the program. Typical mentor responsibilities include helping students to increase their confidence and self-esteem by listening to them and working with them to devise appropriate strategies to reach their goals.

    MOCK INTERVIEWS Meet the graduating talent pool interested in working for your organization and are trained in a specific area of expertise. Mock interviews provide a simulation of an actual job interview to students and provide feedback, strengthening their skills and improving their chance for success.

    PARTNERING WITH A SCHOOL (WITH THE WHOLE SCHOOL, OR ON SELECTED INITIATIVES) A company or organization is matched with a school based on the needs of the school and that employer’s available resources. A school may have more than one partner, and any size business or organization can make a difference.  Activities and programs are planned to support the goals of the school and to positively influence academic achievement. The time commitment is flexible, ranging from implementation of annual activities to opportunities for involvement on a weekly or monthly basis.

    SCHOOL PARTNER Be matched with a school and provide multiple work-based learning opportunities for students, appropriate to each grade level, such as facility visits, guest speakers, presentations, career information, job shadowing, internships, externships, and apprenticeship

    SENIOR CAPSTONE Advise and hear seniors’ new works and ideas that demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained during their specific work-based learning research or senior project. Students will have a showcase opportunity with partners as part of the capstone experience.

    STUDENT FIELD TRIPS Host students who learn via first-hand observation about your business at your business site.

    STUDENT INTERNSHIPS Student internships provide an introductory work experience at your business during the school year in a career field. Internships also introduces potential future workers to job opportunities with your company and promote an understanding of the role and contributions of your business in the community.

    STUDENT MENTORSHIP This is a career exploration activity in which a student is matched one-on-one or in small groups with an adult professional in a chosen field of interest to explore potential careers and related educational issues.

    SUMMER CAMPS Change the trajectory of young people’s lives and open up an entire world of opportunity. Offer your industry’s career guidance and experience for summer career camps.

    TEACHER EXTERNSHIPS Teacher Externships provide a fresh perspective that lets teachers tie curriculum to real-world applications. They gain an increased ability to explain the value of what students are learning by getting off-campus and on to employer sites. The externship experience offers an avenue for teachers to expand their industry-based knowledge and transfer this to the curriculum, directly affecting students’ college and career readiness.