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  • Google Meet is a video-conferencing tool. Teachers and staff can create, start, and join online meetings. Students can only join meetings. These are virtual meetings that use video and audio to facilitate teaching, learning, and classroom interaction.

  • Google Meet for Students (English)

    This quick reference guide (QRG) will describe how to join a scheduled meeting, how to turn on captions, and how to translate spoken language from English to another language.  Using captions and the translate feature are individual action. Each user (teachers and students) have to turn on captions translate to view captions. If a teacher turns on captions and translate, only the teacher will see the captions and translation. Students have to turn on captions and translate to see captions in the desired language.

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  • Google Meet for Students (Spanish)

    Google Meet es una herramienta de videoconferencia. Los maestros y el personal pueden crear, iniciar y unirse a reuniones. Los estudiantes solo pueden unirse a las reuniones. Esta guía de referencia rápida (QRG) describirá cómo unirse a una reunión programada, cómo activar los subtítulos y cómo traducir el idioma hablado del inglés a otro idioma. El uso de subtítulos y la función de traducción son acciones individuales. Cada usuario (maestros y estudiantes) debe activar la traducción de subtítulos para ver los subtítulos. Si un maestro activa los subtítulos y traduce, solo el maestro verá los subtítulos y la traducción. Los estudiantes tienen que activar los subtítulos y traducir para ver los subtítulos en el idioma deseado.

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  • QRG: Google Meet Q&A and Polls (English)

    As a meeting participant, you can add questions to a meeting. You can submit a response for a poll as well.

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  • QRG: Google Meet Breakout Rooms (English)

    Google Meet Breakout Rooms allow teachers to split classes into simultaneous small groups during online meetings. Teachers can move between breakout rooms to monitor and participate in discussions. Participants can rejoin the original meeting when the breakout session ends.

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  • QRG: Google Meet App iOS Device (English)

    Google Meet is a video conferencing application developed by Google.  This quick reference guide (QRG) will demonstrate how to log-in and use the Google Meet iPad or iPhone app. 

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