Virtual Learning Support Training Modules
  • Instructional videos/trainings is provided to help families start virtual learning successfully.  In addition, a repository of online support materials for students and parents are available on the Virtual Learning Support for Parents and Students webpage.

Virtual Learning Support Module 1:  Get Set Up for Virtual Learning
Virtual Learning Support Module 2:  Technology Support
  • Students in grades 6th-12th are 1:1, meaning there is one device (Chromebook/Laptop) for each student while Chromebooks remain available. For elementary students, the district wants to ensure that each family has at least 1 device per family. Hotspots are provided for households without internet access. Module 4 provides valuable information for using Chromebooks and hotspots. Information about student passwords and how to get help are included.

Virtual Learning Support Module 3:  Instructional Delivery
  • Fort Worth ISD students and parents will access most lessons and lesson materials through a virtual learning system. Prekindergarten (PK) students and parents will utilize Seesaw, and Kindergarten-12th (K-12) grade students and parents will utilize Google Classroom. Module 3 will acquaint students and parents with how to use Seesaw (PK) and Google Classroom (K-12), and tools to become a successful online learner. PK-12 teachers will provide both recorded (asynchronous) and live (synchronous) instruction, guidance and support daily. These two tools and some other district resources and instructional applications will be accessed through ClassLink.

Virtual Learning Support Module 4:  Communication
  • Schools will communicate with parents by Outlook district email, Blackboard ParentLink, and phone. In addition, every district teacher will create and maintain a class Google Site that will be linked through the campus website. Module 2 prepares parents and students for using the Fort Worth ISD communication tools: Blackboard Parentlink and Outlook Email. These two tools are approved digital communication resources for delivery of information from schools to households.