Gifted and Talented Identification

  • Identification Of Gifted Students

    Identification of gifted students is based on multiple sources of data. These include achievement and ability test score data, parent and teacher perception inventories, and student performance as measured by a student portfolio. Information on identification procedures is provided by each school and each school follows a specific timeline for the identification of students.

    Perceptions of Attributes Inventory

    Fort Worth ISD uses the work of Dr. Joseph Renzulli in defining giftedness as a confluence of above average ability, creativity, and task commitment.  We believe that giftedness is not static, yet is demonstrated by certain people, at certain times, under certain circumstances.  Our Perceptions of Attributes Inventory (Adapted from Slocumb-Payne Teacher Perception Inventory, RFT Publishing Co. 1999) helps both educators and parents know what characteristics to look for in our children that might show a proclivity for giftedness.

    Nomination Form

    Our nomination form allows educators, parents, peers, and community members to nominate a student for gifted and talented identification screening. Used in conjunction with the Perceptions of Attributes Inventory, the nomination form allows for a brief explanation of why the student is being nominated. Once filled out, the Nomination Form needs to be turned in to the G/T Coordinator at that students school.

    Behavioral Checklist

    The Behavioral Checklist (Things My Son/Daughter Likes to Do) is a form for a parent or guardian of a nominated student to fill out thinking of 14 characteristics of giftedness on a continuum of from never to always.  It will be used in conjunction with behavioral checklists filled out by the student's teacher, the Naglieri Non-verbal Ability Test, achievement tests, and a portfolio of student work in the screening process.

    Contact Tyler Dean or Michael Flusche with any questions or issues related to G/T Identification.

    Identification Forms

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