• RaiseMe

    Fort Worth ISD is encouraging its high school students to join nearly 20,000 college-bound students across the United States in earning scholarship money for adding their academic and extracurricular achievements to an online portfolio.

    Through RaiseMe, a Web-based platform established in 2014, FWISD students in the 9th through 12th grades create a free online portfolio where they add their class grades and participation in clubs, athletic and community service activities. In turn, they’re offered “micro-scholarships” or small grants from participating RaiseMe colleges and universities that are redeemable upon being admitted and attending the institution making the scholarship offer.

    According to the RaiseMe website, more than 225 colleges are offering students scholarship money through the site. On average, the more than 18,000 students using RaiseMe have opportunities to earn an average of $5,000 annually in scholarship money, according to the organization’s website.

    For more details on how to get started or to sign up, visit www.raise.me.

    FWISD students are also encouraged to contact their high school counselor for more information.