Building A College Going Culture

  • There are nine interrelated elements that together help schools build and strengthen a college-going culture.  The nine elements are: 

    • College Talk
    • Clear Expectations
    • Information and Resources
    • Comprehensive Counseling Model
    • Testing and Curriculum
    • Faculty Involvement
    • Family Involvement
    • College Partnerships
    • Articulation

    In order to set goals for your individual campus you must first:

    • Inventory and assess present activities and challenges
    • Agree on a few (one or three) of the nine college-going elements to work on
    • Establish a few goals for the year under each college-going element
    • Develop an action implementation plan for each goal

    Remember: start with doable goals and know who on your campus is trained to assist you with CCMR! 

Elementary and Middle School