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    Oral Interpretation is an art of re-creation and every piece of literature presents its own challenge. While there is no absolute “how-to-do-it” formula, the principles of literary analysis and presentation included in this book will prove useful. As you will discover when you review different judges’ evaluations of a performance, each critic brings his or her own perspective about performance. This handbook will help achieve a balance between literary analysis and interpretative technique, which is essential to the art of oral interpretation. The information provided within its covers will equip you to make decisions about your approach to your own performance.


    The link below give more details on the UIL Oral (Poetry) Interpretation Contest and Handbook.

    UIL: Oral (Poetry) Interpretation


    UIL Meet Dates: Unscheduled due to COVID-19

    UIL Practice Dates: TBD 


    TCC-South/FWISD Collegiate High School UIL: Oral (Poetry) Interpretation Sponsor is Professor Courtney Eason.  If you have any questions please reach out to Professor Courtney Eason via email.  

    Email: courtney.eason@fwisd.org