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    Elements of the Contest

    The purpose of the Science Contest is to challenge high school students to do a wide range of reading in biology, chemistry and physics, to gain an understanding of the significance of experiments rather than to recall obscure details, to be alert to new discoveries and information in the areas of science, to gain an understanding of the basic principles as well as knowledge of the history and philosophy of science, and to foster a sense of enthusiasm about science and how it affects our daily lives.

    The contest consists of a two-hour objective test with 60 questions – 20 from biology, 20 from chemistry and 20 from physics.



    The link below give more details on the UIL Science Contest.

    UIL: Science Contest


    UIL Meet Dates: Unscheduled due to COVID-19

    UIL Practice Dates: TBD


    TCC-South/FWISD Collegiate High School UIL Science Contest Sponsor is Professor Janice Criss.  If you have any questions please reach out to Professor Criss via email. 

    Email: janice.criss@fwisd.org