• Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) COVID19 Leave Request Process:

      The FFCRA provides two types of leave:

      1. Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL).  To apply, complete this FORM. Employees applying for FFCRA related to childcare/school closure beyond two weeks/ten work days must apply for E-FML for any days/weeks absent from duty beyond the first two weeks/ten work days. (see #2 below).

      2. Extended Family Medical Leave (E-FML). To apply, complete this FORM.
      NOTE:  Employees who submit an application for E-FML, and/or EPSL, for a childcare provider closure due to a qualifying COVID19 reason must submit the Childcare Provider Certification FORM with their leave application in order for the District to determine qualification for the leave.  

      For information about the two types of leave, please review this fact SHEET.

      Completed forms should be submitted to: emp.services@fwisd.org

      Employees who are absent from duty for any reason under FFCRA are required to enter an absence in the District’s absence reporting system at 817-814-7827 as “sick leave self” (if applying for self) or “sick leave-family member” (if applying for family member reason).  HCM staff will amend the absence reason accordingly in the absence reporting system once the leave request is approved. 

      For questions about leave related to an illness/absence qualifying under the FFCRA, please contact us during regular business hours.