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Health, Physical Education & Coordinated School Health

  • The Fort Worth ISD supports health and physical education for all students.  Lifetime benefits are derived from an active lifestyle and knowledge of the importance of nutrition, hygiene, and healthy choices made at a personal and interpersonal level.

    Our Mission

    Growing effective and empowered health and physical education teachers that prepare and inspire all students to become community advocates and practitioners of a lifelong wellness adventure.


    • Elementary Health- 30 lessons per year
    • Elementary Physical Education- a minimum of 135 minutes per week
    • 6th Grade Health & Physical Education- "Moving to Wellness", a year-long course combining health and physical education concepts
    • 7th & 8th Grade Physical Education- one semester required each grade level
    • High School Health- one semester required for graduation
    • High School Physical Education- two semesters required for graduation