• TSI assessment

    All students at Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences are expected to meet standard on all of the sections of the TSI assessment. Here's how to do that:

    • Step 1: Study! Links to preparation materials can be found below.
    • Step 2: If this is the first time you've tested since Jan. 11, 2021, complete the TSI pre-assessment activity. Instructions can be found here.
    • Step 3: Request a TSIA session.
    • Step 4: Watch your TCC email for approval to test. You'll receive a link to schedule the exam. You may take the exam at home or on campus.
      • Here are instructions for how to fill out the exam scheduling form.
      • You will need a valid photo I.D. to sign up and to test. If you do not have one, you may come to the TABS main office to have one made during regular business hours.
    • Step 5: Take the exam.
    • Step 6: Report your scores.

    Preparation materials

    Free preparation materials are available at the following sites:

    What scores are necessary to meet standard?

    • TSIA2
      • ELAR
        • Option 1: 945-990 on the multiple-choice portion and an essay score of 5-8
        • Option 2: 910-944 on the multiple-choice portion, 5-6 on the diagnostic portion and an essay score of 5-8
      • Math
        • Option 1: 950-990 on the multiple-choice portion
        • Option 2: 910-949 on the multiple-choice portion and 6 on the diagnostic portion
    • TSIA (no longer offered as of Jan. 11, 2021)
      • Writing
        • Placement score of at least 340 and an essay score of at least 4
        • Placement score of less than 340 and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least a 4-6 and an essay score of at least 5
      •  Reading
        • 351
      •  Math
        • 350