Student Fitness Assessment

  • Fort Worth ISD administers the FITNESSGRAM test to all students grades 3-12 taking physical education or a PE substitute (athletics, JROTC, etc.). Parents may obtain their child's report by contacting their physical education teacher, or, for the secondary grades, their coach or other instructor.

    Instructions on which tests to give.
    For information on how to give the tests, see your library's Professional Collection for the FITNESSGRAM ACTIVITYGRAM Test Administration Manual, Fourth Edition. 
    Healthy Fitness Zone Charts                            15-Meter PACER Chart                  20-Meter PACER Chart

    Fitness Test Protocols Video


    Fitness Assessment Schedule

    Fall Semester Testing         Data Entry Deadline
    11/11/2019 - 11/22/2019                12/13/2019

    Spring Semester & Makeup Testing       Data Entry Deadline
    Week of 2/10/2020                                           2/21/2020


    Below, please find the testing cadences. The first four are the "original" cadences. Scroll down to see the newer ones. The A-D designations on the PACER simply indicate a different musical background; you may use whichever version you want.


    Original Versions (can be burned to CD)

    15-Meter PACER

    20-Meter PACER

    Curl Ups

    Push Ups

MP3 Versions

New Versions (can be loaded onto your .mp3 player)