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  • Seesaw is a powerful student engagement tool that allows students to show their understanding in a variety of modalities. Teachers are able to create activities for students to complete using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs and/or links. One of the most powerful features of Seesaw is the ability to share student work with families and classmates. Seesaw works on any type of device. On computers or Chromebooks, it can be accessed through the Seesaw website. There are also two apps that are available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire Devices- one for students and one for families. To learn more about how Seesaw works on these platforms, visit their Help Center.

    Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers will have access to the Seesaw premium account starting Monday, November 2, 2020. This premium account will allow teachers to save unlimited activities on the account. 

    Teachers can access Seeesaw via the MyFWISD ClassLink portal.  Accessing through the MyFWISD ClassLink portal ensures that users are receiving the premium version of Seesaw.  Premium account features include: 

      • View Student Progress Towards Key Skills: Teachers using Seesaw for formative assessments can tag student posts with their own set of skills or standards. Optionally, assign a simple 1-6 rating to student work and get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing towards key curriculum objectives.
      • Multipage: Students can create posts of up to 20 pages and use powerful creative tools (drawing, voice, labels, photos, shapes, etc) on every page. Teachers can assign Multipage activities, create Multipage activity templates, and create announcements for students and families that include Multipage posts.
      • Drafts: With Drafts, students can save work in progress and finish it later. Drafts give students the flexibility to create and reflect on work at their own pace! With Send Back Drafts, teachers can leave comments and send back work to students for revision.
      • Private Folder: Teachers can add student work to a private folder to keep assessments in one spot without sharing everything with families.
      • Private Notes: Teachers can take private notes (and even collaborate with other teachers and administrators) on student work.  Private notes are only visible to other teachers, not students or families.
      • Scheduled Activities: With Seesaw Plus. you can now schedule activities for dates and times in the future!
      • 500 customized activities (up from 100)
      • 25 active classes at a time (up from 10)
      • 5 teachers per class (up from 2) 
  • Things to Know

    Your Email Address

    Teachers will see two classes when they log into Seesaw via the MyFWISD ClassLink portal. If you signed up using your FWISD email address, your account should sync, and both your old and new accounts will receive the premium features. If you used a personal email account to create your account before premium features were offered, you must update your email address to your FWISD email account ( to complete the sync and receive the premium features. You can change your email using the QRG below.  

    ***Note: Teachers who used their FWISD Google account ( to create their origianl Seesaw account will need to complete the Seesaw Support Form to have their account updated to the account in order to access Seesaw premium account features. Submit at***


    Your Classes

    Pre-K teachers will see two classes when they log into Seesaw via ClassLink.  Teachers may continue using the class they created when they originally set up the Seesaw account. You will see a new course entitled PreK on your class list.  Kinder teachers will see a course entitled Homeroom KG. Use that course to set up your activities. 

    Teacher-Created Class (Free account)

    Rostered Class (Through Classlink)

    •  If teachers continue to use the class they created at the beginning of the school
      year, they must add students as their class enrollment changes.

    • Teachers will have access to premium features when their free account is added to FWISD Classlink.

    • Past activities and classwork will show. 
    • Will automatically rosters students

    • Teachers will have access to premium features

    • Activities that teachers created will show in the rostered course.

    • Student work does not transfer from the teacher-created course.

    • Teachers must invite parents to the rostered course.


    Home Learning Codes

    Home Learning Codes are an individualized QR code or Text Code that allows students to log into the Seesaw Class App at home while protecting students’ privacy. Learning Codes will be enabled for all campuses beginning November 5, 2020.  

    ***Note:  If parents sign in to Seesaw with as their student's log in information, they will see all students enrolled in the class.  For this reason, parents should use their own profile to access Seeaw. ***


    Inviting Families to Join Seesaw (Video)

    Teachers have been given access to invite parents to join Seesaw.  There are three ways to invite parents to join Seesaw Families:

    • Generate QR codes for parents to join Seesaw Families.  Individual QR codes will be generated for each student, and the teacher can print these codes to send home with students. The QR codes can be used to connect parents directly to their child's journal.  
    • Send a link via email to parents.  Parents will select their child from the class list, and teachers will need to approve the connection in the Class Settings. 
    • Send a unique email or text message invitation to each child's parents. After teachers enter the parent's email address or cell phone number, an invitation is sent to parents.  The link provided in the invitation will connect the parents directly to their child's journal.

    ***Note: Invitation codes expire in 24-48 hours.  Teachers can generate new codes as needed.***



    Teachers can add co-teachers. Co-teachers have to be a rostered teacher (in Focus) in order to see the premium features. Non-rostered teachers can access free features.  

    Teacher assistants (TA) are not rostered because they are not scheduled in Focus. A teacher can add TAs as co-teachers. However, the TA will only have access to the free features.


    Professional Learning Opportunities

    Seesaw Training for Teachers support page can be accessed at: