Degrees and Certifications:

Team MIAG & Team JHJ

Daggett Middle school is introducing a new course for 7th and 8th grade students: Podcasting 101.

This new course introduces students to the art of podcasting, scriptwriting, recording, and editing.

It also allows students to use the design thinking process to plan and create meaningful podcasts for the Bulldog community.  

The students are collaborating working on all projects whether learning in person, online or in a blended setting.

Students are empowered to create, collaborate and express themselves with authenticity.  

There are two podcast teams: Team MIAG & and Team JHJ.  

If you are interested in hearing about latest in video games, gaming systems and more, then Team JHJ is the weekly podcast you should listen to.

But, if you are really into hearing the latest hot topics in the Anime world, then Team MIAG is the podcast for you.