Explore Our Student's Work

  • In reveiw of an amazing Spring semester, our students wanted to share their work throughout our online and in-person services.  Check out our second product showcase, and first ever, virtual Spring Product Showcase!  The showcase features dozens of students sharing their work, why their work is important, and teachers explaining the rigorous opportunities they've been provided this semester.  Check it out in the link here!

    Spring Product Showcase

    As the semester closed in December 2020, our teachers and students wanted to share the engaging, enrichment experience of our services in our first Winter Product Showcase.  Explore the type of work of students, why our work is critical for gifted children, and watch the students themselves! We believe in promoting communication, thinking, and authentic work in our students as 21st century learners.  This showcase allows us to do that and so much more.  Check out our work in the link here!

    Winter Product Showcase