Fort Worth ISD District COVID-19 Leave (DCL) Request Process:


    The District's COVID-19 leave is available for the limited time period of February 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021. If Congress implements COVID-19 relief the Dcl leave will expire.


    The Fort Worth Independent School District COVID-19 leave is authorized for employees who are unable to report to work due to their own COVID-19 illness or required to quarantine as a result of direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  


    To apply, complete this FORM and submit with required documentation. 

    For FWISD Employees:

    • The District COVID-19 Leave is not to exceed 80-hours for full time employees.
    • DCL is pro-rated to the equivalent of 10 work days for those working less than 40-hours per week.
    • Provides for 100% of the employee’s daily rate for all regular Qualifying Employees.
    • DCL can be used intermittently until leave is fully exhausted.

    Medical certification and/or other documentation shall be submitted with this document for full consideration of the leave requested.

    • Documents submitted must clearly indicate the leave request is related to a covered COVID-19 leave request reason.
    • Documents which do not demonstrate the leave is related to a covered COVID-19 leave, and/or failure to submit supporting documentation with the leave request, may result in the denial of the District’s COVID-19 leave.
    • Employees may be eligible for other types of leave as outlined under Board Policy DEC (LEGAL, LOCAL, REGULATION).

    Completed form and required documentation should be submitted to: emp.services@fwisd.org with DCL Request in the subject line

    Employees who are absent from duty for any reason under the District's COVID-19 leave are required to enter an absence in the District’s absence reporting system at 817-814-7827 as “sick leave self”.  HCM staff will amend the absence reason accordingly in the absence reporting system once the leave request is approved. 

    For questions about leave related to an illness/absence qualifying under the the District's COVID-19 leave, please contact us during regular business hours.



If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.