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  • Digital Leadership Academy 2019-2020


    Lead, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Digital Integration


    Program Guidelines

    Comprehension in digital integration can lead to better evaluation of classroom instruction. Through the Digital Leadership Academy, school leaders go through three intersections of technology and school leadership: learning how to better use digital tools, the transformation of content delivery to staff, and preparing to become a digital leader (Mcleod, Bathon, & Richardson, 2011).


    School leaders can benefit from unique learning opportunities that furnish them with the knowledge to bridge the connection between student learning and digital integration. Through the Digital Leadership Academy, school leaders work to understand and internalize what is required of them to empower digital integration at their schools (Hannafin, 2008). Building technology leadership capacity has the potential to elicit the greatest impact when compared with the impact of learning how to use digital tools or how to deliver content digitally (Mcleod, Bathon, & Richardson, 2011).


    Educational Technology is proud to offer this program, where you will be able to earn technology equipment. While there will be no extra duty pay, candidates will receive a new HP laptop, as a technology integration tool, for completing 24 hours of professional learning sessions and digital leadership tasks.  The theme of the academy is “Lead, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Digital Integration”. Classes start in June and will run throughout the 2019-2020 school year.


    We value your time and know that you are busy professionals.  Therefore, the training sessions are differentiated:  face-to-face classes, online classes, article studies, webinars, conference-style sessions, and demonstration tasks that lead your campus through digital integration.


    Academy Details

    • School leaders must apply online: (case-sensitive).
    • Classes are differentiated as face-to-face, online, article studies, article studies, and digital leadership tasks.

    • School leaders will be awarded a new laptop for completing 24 CPE hours, with the following required components: complete the Common Sense School Certification process; complete the school digital learning plan template, attend the Fort Worth Technology Conference (January 25, 2020); and complete additional professional learning sessions to earn 24 CPE hours.

    • Classes start in June and will run throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

    • Register for classes through Eduphoria Workshop.

    To get started, complete the application: (case-sensitive). For more information contact Karla Lester.



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