School Administrator Technology Professional Learning

  • Digital Leadership Academy 2018-2019


    Planning and Leading for Technology Integration and Support


    Program Guidelines

    The Digital Leadership Academy is designed with consideration to the needs of school administrators.  Through the Digital Leadership Academy, school administrators learn about digital tools and strategies which can assist in developing technology leadership, as well as, in evaluating effective educational technology integration. The culminating goal of the academy is to ensure that technology use is meaningful and impactful in school settings. 


    Educational Technology is proud to offer this program, where you will be able to earn technology equipment. While there will be no extra duty pay, candidates will receive a new Touch Screen Chromebook, as a technology integration tool, for completing 14 hours of training.  The theme of the academy is “Planning and Leading for Technology Integration and Support”. Classes start in June and will run throughout the 2018-2019 school year.


    We value your time and know that you are busy professionals.  Therefore, the training sessions are differentiated:  face-to-face classes, online classes, article studies, webinars, conference-style sessions, and demonstration tasks that lead your campus through digital integration.

    To get started, complete the application:

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