2020-2021 Results | District 9-4A

  • Like most things these days, UIL Academic competition has looked very different this year. We have had many students compete virtually and in person over the past 5 months in preparation for last week’s district 8-4A competition. The following students came in person and after school over several days to compete.


    Adrian Rubio – Math, Number Sense
    CC Gise – Literary Criticism, Ready Writing, Spelling & Vocabulary, Feature Writing
    Daniel Prince – Calculator Apps, Current Events, Math, Number Sense, Ready Writing
    Diana Cousar – Science
    Donte Parker Garrett – Science
    Mackenzie Dudley – Current Events, Computer Apps, Math, Science
    Mariana Kristen – Calculator Apps, Computer Apps, Math, Science
    Marium Fatuma – Computer Apps
    Nick Goodman – Literary Criticism, Spelling & Vocabulary
    RJ Moilan – Current Events
    Suzette Arroyo – Calculator Apps, Science
    Yasmin Maldonado – Calculator Apps
    Zoe Price – Literary Criticism, Ready Writing, Spelling & Vocabulary 

    Please congratulate the following students who will be moving on to compete at Regionals on April 16 – 17 in Argyle. (They have broken the Region into several pods so that we will only compete in person with one other district.) 

    1st place team – Computer Apps – Mackenzie Dudley, Marium Fatuma, Mariana Kristen
    1st place team – Literary Criticism – CC Gise, Zoe Price, Nick Goodman
    2nd place team – Spelling & Vobaculary – Nick Goodman, CC Gise, Zoe Price 

    Mackenzie Dudley – 1st place – Computer Apps
    Daniel Prince – 1st place – Ready Writing
    CC Gise – 2nd place – Literary Criticism
    Marium Fatuma – 2nd place – Computer Apps
    Zoe Price – 2nd place – Literary Criticism
    Nick Goodman – 2nd place – Spelling & Vocabulary
    CC Gise – 3rd place – Feature Writing
    Zoe Price – 3rd place – Literary Criticism
    Mariana Kristen – 3rd place – Computer Apps
    CC Gise – 3rd place – Ready Writing

    Special thanks to our UIL Academic Coaches who make all the magic happen!! I greatly appreciate all your time and support of these kiddos. 

    Mr. Bell – Current Events
    Ms. Clark – Feature Writing
    Mr. Cook – Social Studies
    Mrs. Maas – Calculator Apps
    Mr. Naqvi – Science
    Mrs. Nicholson – Computer Apps
    Mr. Sanks – Lit Crit, Ready Writing, Spelling & Vocab
    Mr. Welch – Math, Number Sense