Parents, please contact your child’s counselor if you have any additional questions.


    All high schools will be offering an individual summer learning program to serve the students in that area.  Depending on the unique needs of each campus and the availability of staff, nearby campuses may be consolidated.

    Dates and Times

    Wednesday, June 23 – Thursday, July 22

    Student report time: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Teacher report time: 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

    Student Participation Criteria

    Program 1: In-Person Attendance - Any student who has failed two or more End-of-Course (EOC) tested courses will be enrolled in the in-person summer program at their campus. Additionally, any student who has failed the End-of-Course (EOC) STAAR test and the course for the same content will be required to attend in-person learning sessions. 

    Program 2: Virtual Asynchronous - This will be offered virtually and will not require in-person attendance at any campus. All assignments will be completed asynchronously via Edgenuity. This program will be offered for all non-EOC STAAR courses, electives, and advanced courses.


    Curriculum will be developed by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for all in-person learning. The Edgenuity platform will be utilized for all virtual asynchronous courses.


    In-Person Attendance Course Schedule

    The course will be determined by individual campuses who are hosting a summer school program.

    Virtual Asynchronous Course Schedule

    Week 1: June 23-June 24 – Student check-ins, expectations, and organization

    Week 2-5: June 28-July 20 – Virtual instruction with Edgenuity platform

    Week 5: July 21-July 22 – Review and Exam Days

    Course Name

    Course Number

    Course Name

    Course Number

    English IA and IB

    3011A, 3011B

    Biology A and B

    7572A, 7572B

    English IIA and IIB

    3013A, 3013B

    Chemistry A and B

    7592A, 7592B

    English IIIA and IIIB

    3015A, 3015B

    Physics A and B

    7614A, 7614B

    English IVA and IVB

    3017A, 3017B

    IPC A and B

    7532A, 7532B

    Algebra IA and IB

    7051A, 7051B

    World Geo. A and B

    8011A, 8011B

    Geometry A and B

    7071A, 7071B

    World Hist. A and B

    8033A, 8033B

    Algebra IIA and IIB

    7053A, 7053B

    US History A and B

    8056A, 8056B

    Pre-Calculus A and B

    7121A, 7121B



    Math of Mod A and B

    7052A, 7052B



    Comm. Apps




    Spanish IA and IB

    4071A, 4071B

    Spanish IIA and B

    4073A, 4073B